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Grey leads has been one of the fastest growing lead generation companies in the world. Our commitments to excellence in all aspects of the business has resulted in fast and steady growth of the brand. We work with companies in the US, UK, CA, UAE, QA, AUS and more to help them increase their ROI by delivering High-Quality Qualified Leads.

Our goal is to help businesses & online brands to expand and grow by bringing in more high quality leads to your door to increase your ROI. our unique style in structuring your growth plan makes us one of the few in the industry to guarantee your results.

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Get a complete list of high-quality business leads interested in your service mined by us.


How we do it?

  • We define your target market no matter the position and/or industry you are targeting we got everything you need. from solar, oil and real estate companies to restaurants – just name your target business.
  • Working with you we set a contacts/leads target for your business up to +3000 it’s up to you and how much you can take and deal with.
  • We will collect the required info to reach the decision maker in your target market.
  • Here where the magic happens we go directly to mine a high-quality verified leads in your target market using a modern method used by the biggest brands in the business.
  • We work 24/7 to manage your campaigns, it’s a whole new level.
  • Did you know that we do the work of a full month in a one freaking week!!!



How we do it?

  • #PLANNING We define a Lead Generation strategy with Facebook for your business.
  • #RESEARCH using our partnership with one of Facebook™ data company we will perform competitive research to give you the ability to dominate in your market.
  • #CREATE we will create/track ads that stands perfectly for your brand and make it easier for your ideal customer to accept it.
  • #RESULTS You will start getting leads directly in your inbox on autopilot, leads include (Full Name, Email Address, Phone Number).
  • #SCALING After hitting our target we will start an exhaustive data analyzing to scale your business if you decide to continue with us.
  • #AMAZING We work 24/7 to manage your campaigns, it’s a whole new level.


Get targeted leads (name, email, phone number) interested in your service directly to your inbox.


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“No Oxygen No Life…No Leads No Business”

That’s why we are here, we will take your business to the next level by bringing Qualified High-Quality Leads to your business directly in your inbox to increase your ROI. leads include (Full Name, Email Address, Phone Number) using our partnership with Facebook™ data company.

Grey Leads

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

Albert Schweitzer


because WE care!

No Commitment…we never put our clients in long contracts only 7-30 days (depending on your business) and your inbox will start flooding with leads but in case we didn’t hit the target we will work for free until we do!

We know how business works that’s why we always put our customer’s needs first, our goal is to increase your ROI by removing the lead generation challenge from your business, Let Us Do The Hard Work For You So You Can Focus On What You Do Best.

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We have partnered with Facebook™ data company to find the right clients for you, they also will help us build your offer to your clients to make it even more guaranteed for you to bring only and only your perfect customer.


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